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FOX Business
Dec 3, 2013 9:20am EST
shopping. what does that mean for the traditional law. and former paypal ceo bill harris, the man partly responsible for all of this, he's still with us. what's the mall of the future going to look like. >> i think the mall of the future we already have today. it's amazon, it's ebay. ebay for used, amazon for new. and upscale products. there are many products on-line. stuart: what happens to the physical mall. >> i think it's a slow, gradual and glorious sunset. stuart: my theory is if a couple of big name department chains go out, what replaces them? >> i don't think that you have anything that replaces the big department stores. i think what you have is smaller malls, more convenient to people and so you don't have to travel as far, without the necessity of the big anchor tents. stuart: so that's a real revolution? >> i think so. stuart: that's a sea change. this is the inflection point, this thanksgiving holiday weekend, this holiday period that we're now in, is this the moment of of the real sea change? >> well, it's tough to put a particular day, but, yes, i think this is-- this is
FOX Business
Dec 5, 2013 9:20am EST
system. >> and more gun laws will stop violence. newtown, tucson, aurora. >> what do the same celebrities do for money. >> and the british socialist more on that later. >> and people doing things so bizarre, hold on a second, number one, you're telling me jason bateman promises to only flush the toilet after going to number two. that real or fake? i think that's probably real, a guy like him would do that. >> you're right. he says "i'm saving the world." . stuart: we're so lucky. number two, stay right there. harrison ford, this i can't believe. waxed his chest in an effort to save the rain forest. that's got to be false. >> he really-- >> no, no. >> had his chest waxed. stuart: what the devil does waxing your chest-- >> hurts me just the way it hurts us when the rain forest is ripped out. stuart: you've got to be kidding me. >> and he owns seven airplanes. stuart: a good one, john. number three, adrian grenier, she's got a website promoting an environmentally friendly compostable tennis-- >> compostable in america, and yes, really does. a picture of it here. it has seeds in the tongue an
FOX Business
Dec 2, 2013 9:20am EST
house, goes through the window, the first time something goes wrong, the public will say we need a law, we need to have rules on this. stuart: you are right. since world war ii changed the public's attitude about the government, we now naturally look to the government for safety and security and the resolution of disputes even disputes we had better resolved ourselves to more efficiently done with competition. but it is a natural inclination to want to go to the government for this so it probably will come. which would be a better way to resolve this, government or some other system. -@stuart: so we're going to get rules. stuart: private enterprises better at everything. stuart: i was sitting in my backyard and i see this drone hovering around, so i fire up my shotgun and blow it out of the skies. can i do that? >> absolutely. if it is over your property and invading your property, absolutely. you don't know if it has a bomb, or worse yet, a camera on it. you don't know what evils that device can bring on your property to which you have not consented. just as you can use force to stop
FOX Business
Dec 9, 2013 9:20am EST
is for individuals. that's up 42% compared to individual plans before the law went into effect. and former clinton advisor doug schoen is with us. i call this sticker shock number two. and i think it has to end the split within democrats about what to do about obamacare? >> it does and it will. people have yet to find out that not only does the website not work, but the plan is itself much more expensive than what they've been paying before. when they do, stuart, your contention is exactly right. people will howl, it will hurt the democratic constituency and the party could well lose the senate in 2016 as a result. stuart: that bad? >> yes, i'm sorry, 2014. stuart: 2014. >> i misspoke. stuart: hold on a second, i've got this from zeke emanuel, he's been on this program and he's one of the architects of obamacare. you can keep your doctor if you're willing to pay more. here he is from fox news sunday. >> no one has launched a pr campaign because of the website. and we're about to launch a pr campaign and people sign up. >> did he say if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. >> yes, look, i
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2013 9:20am EST
of the web site serious concern. million additional plans canceled next year by employers. the law's supporters said it is aoki, the plan on the exchange cost less too. joining us is one of the architects of obamacare, easy keel emanual, doctor, thanks for coming by. you really enjoy his. >> tell the truth to your viewers. stuart: you got 15 minutes on msnbc. how long will you get here? >> not enough time. stuart: i want you to look into that camera and tell our viewers that if they enroll in obamacare all their personal information is absolutely secure and you will vouch for that security? >> i am not talking about the confidentiality issue. what we discussed is whether obamacare will enroll enough people and is going to be -- stuart: you are going out there, urging people to enroll in obamacare and you won't tell our viewers who you are urging to enroll, if it is safe? you won't give that commitment? >> that is not why we are here. we are here to talk about health insurance and millions of people who have gotten health coverage at a better deal who were excluded. let's remind yo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5